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Lumotz Global Sports (LGS) is an international sports and education company that aims to foster talent development in Africa through sports and education-related activities. Our establishment believes strongly that societal development and empowerment of the youth can be achieved through effective sporting and educational goals. To achieve this, our team is comprised of professionals from backgrounds who contribute their experiences, skills, and knowledge to bring a unique perspective to achieve our corporate goals.

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Our agency services at Lumotz Global Sports boasts of professionals that ensures proper representation of athletes and partners to protect their respective interests. We procure and negotiate endorsements and contracts on behalf of gifted athletes and talents while maintaining the global standards to carrying out such agreements.

Lumotz Global Sports Limited acknowledges the immense challenge ahead of the African continent and we are driven to engineer youth empowerment opportunities in Africa through education and sports.

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Lumotz Activewear

Lumotz ActiveWear

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