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Lumotz Global Sports (LGS) is an international sports and education company that aims to foster talent development in Africa through sports and education-related activities. Our establishment believes strongly that societal development and empowerment of the youth can be achieved through effective sporting and educational goals. To achieve this, our team is comprised of professionals from backgrounds who contribute their experiences, skills, and knowledge to bring a unique perspective to achieve our corporate goals.

At the beginning of this decade, African youths stand on the cusp of a major reawakening, a period that will definitely shape the future of the African continent and the world. By the year 2030, the African Development Bank has predicted there will be a potential 1 billion youths in Africa that will be uneducated, unemployed and unengaged with any valid means of livelihood. This portends a worrying and dangerous possibility if this trend is not checked appropriately. Educational  and employment infrastructure across Africa is currently insufficient to create any meaningful impact before this predicted date of 2030 and all around us, there is evidence of this inequality raring its dangerous heads in the rising levels of vices, drug use among youths, crime, violence, terrorism and so much more.

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